2012-11-27 - Attended NSF "Science: Becoming the Messenger" Workshop

Post date: Nov 27, 2012 4:04:07 PM

Workshop held at Tuskegee University.

Focal points:

1. Focus on how the public benefits from our work, not on the work itself.

2. Work with the media you have, not the media you wish you had.

3. Need to plan for what communications need to achieve.

4. A key is framing your message by putting it in a context to which your audience is receptive.

5. Even if you are trying to merely inform an audience, you still need to try to persuade them.

6. "Sound bites" are key but challenging; simple is harder than complex.

7. "Let me tell you a little story ..."

8. Use bridges to get from the questions to your message. Can be cliches.

9. Humor helps.

10. Utilize PowerPoint "Presenter View" so that you can hide your notes from the audience.

11. Never "wing it" - no other professional performs without practice! Rehearse under similar conditions.

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